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EveryBody Fitness Tanning - Tan For Any Body!


Level 1 - Level III Tanning System Varieties...

Wolff Tanning System Level I Beds
  • Pioneer in the tanning industry with a long standing excellent reputation
  • 20 minute lay-down bed perfect for relaxation, building a base tan, or for those who want a lighter tan

Hex II Level III Stand Up Booths
  • Known as the best designed tanning system in the industry
  • 46 reflector lamps in a hexagon array allows for a 360 degree tanning experience
  • 8-10 minute booths that allow for a deeper, darker tan in a shorter amount of time 

Sundazzler Level III Booths
  • Powered by 54 lamps
  • Incredible bronzing system that delivers immediate color and dazzling results
  • 9-10 minute sessions


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* DISCLAIMER: Results associated with muscle gain or weight loss or diseases that can be affected by diet and exercise vary from individual to individual. EveryBody Fitness does not guarantee, nor make claims regarding weight loss, muscle gain or the reversal of any disease. Please do your homework, consult with a physician and be healthy.