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Certified Personal Training in all of our gyms includes:

  • Certified Personal Trainer provides extensive Health & Fitness Evaluation
  • Movement Screen (measures range of motion, flexibility, alignment & balance)*
  • Fitness Screen (measures strength & endurance) *
  • Personalized Program Design

For individuals who need focused attention, our personal trainers are available for advanced daily, weekly and monthly results management to help you bust through plateaus and achieve your desired goals. Personal training programs are developed for individual training or small group training. Our personal trainers will design a program specific to YOU using weights, cardio, and functional training. You will get advice about your nutrition and lifestyle as well. Clients using individualized personal training programs typically achieve results faster and maintain those results over longer periods of time.

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Personal Training For Weight Loss

Posted on 5/29/2015 by EveryBody Fitness Team in personal training

Our clients seek personal training for many reasons but perhaps one of the most common reasons is weight loss. It's not unusual for a person to join a gym "to get in shape" where the real goal is weight loss, only to become frustrated at the lack of results. The decision to use the gym is a good one. Go one step further and seek the guidance of a personal trainer and your chances of achieving your goals go up dramatically... here're five ways a personal training system will help.

1. Personal training is just that...PERSONAL

Everyone will respond differently to a routine. A personal trainer will evaluate an individual's results and adjust and tweak the training to optimize the results.

2. Weight loss does not mean endless hours of cardio!

This is a common point of frustration. Your body, no matter what weight, adapts to repetitive activity to preserve...not to lose. Many people with great intentions tend to get themselves in a rut. They see initial results and then the results just plateau. The value of a personal training program is the focus on the results. The ability to detect a plateau, to change up the program will keep the results moving forward

3. Personal training works with you, not against you.

You can't look at what someone else is doing in the gym and do what they're doing. Even if they're getting great results, you may not.

4. Personal training helps eliminate injury.

We love enthusiasm but coming to the gym for the first time in three months and thinking you can do what you did the last time you were in the gym is a recipe for disaster. You won't lose weight if your sidelined with a pulled muscle or sore back.

5. Personal Training involves systems that can be customized for your ability.

Our personal trainers really love the use of functional training routines because these are natural motion activities that can be adjusted to the individual. Functional training will reduce the stress on joints by stressing movements that are not unnatural to your everyday activity. You will function better both in and out of the gym.

OK...and one more...

Weight loss is often not just accomplished in the gym. Personal trainers can offer a great deal of insight relative to your lifestyle. For example, what is in your refrigerator? What are you doing that could be sabotaging your results. By consulting with a personal trainer, you may find that your "low fat" diet is the worst thing you could be doing. There is all kinds of misinformation out there about dieting and weight loss. A good personal training program will help you adjust your lifestyle outside the gym, it will help you choose the right diet to sustain the results you're going to achieve in the gym. And that's the key. Personal training is no magic pill. It's a commitment to change both inside and outside the gym. The personal trainers are educators and motivators. Ultimately it's up to the individual but every time we team up a motivated individual with the right personal trainer - it works!

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* DISCLAIMER: Results associated with muscle gain or weight loss or diseases that can be affected by diet and exercise vary from individual to individual. EveryBody Fitness does not guarantee, nor make claims regarding weight loss, muscle gain or the reversal of any disease. Please do your homework, consult with a physician and be healthy.