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Certified Personal Training in all of our gyms includes:

  • Certified Personal Trainer provides extensive Health & Fitness Evaluation
  • Movement Screen (measures range of motion, flexibility, alignment & balance)*
  • Fitness Screen (measures strength & endurance) *
  • Personalized Program Design

For individuals who need focused attention, our personal trainers are available for advanced daily, weekly and monthly results management to help you bust through plateaus and achieve your desired goals. Personal training programs are developed for individual training or small group training. Our personal trainers will design a program specific to YOU using weights, cardio, and functional training. You will get advice about your nutrition and lifestyle as well. Clients using individualized personal training programs typically achieve results faster and maintain those results over longer periods of time.

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Personal Training For Fitness - Training for the "Health of It"

Posted on 6/17/2015 by EveryBody Fitness Team in Personal Training for Fitness Weight Loss

We as a society are infatuated with losing weight and somehow the constant pounding in our brain of the anorexic models blanketing the advertising and celebrity sections of TV and magazines has taught us that it is not only desirable to look that way but we have inferred that it’s also healthy! We are so gullible!

Even the so-called fitness magazines reinforce the idea that super-thin is super-fit. It doesn’t take much research to prove that this is a false impression. This isn’t even news! At least, it’s not recent news.

TIME MAGAZINE: DEC, 2011 - When it comes to lowering our overall risk of death and dying from heart disease, fitness may be just as important, if not more so, than weight… The study concluded with “Regardless of weight change — some lost weight, and some gained, while some remained stable — loss of fitness was associated with a higher risk of mortality.”

At EveryBody Fitness, we’d like to change your mind-set about fitness and weight-loss. If your goal is to look and feel better, you can achieve your goals with a program that improves your fitness level. If you’ve ever entered into such a program, one thing that immediately changes is a mind-set to NOT do things that sabotage your progress in the gym. 

The thing about training for fitness is people tend to stay with the program. Fitness is addictive! That’s not just a figure of speech – it’s physically accurate. Fitness produces endorphins and people who engage in a fitness program feel better. It also produces a more measurable result. If you gain muscle, you might not be losing weight. If your goal is "weight loss", you could be missing the point and chasing the wrong goal. Because the scale doesn't reflect the goal you're seeking, you feel like a failure. 

People with the right attitude, set the right goals. Fitness is easy to measure and quite easy to improve. Once a person starts to see physical fitness achievement, they tend to want to reinforce the work they're doing; they eat better; they sleep better. Fitness snowballs into a lifestyle. Whether you lose weight or not, at the end of the day, it’s not the point. If your desire is to lose weight, it should be for “the health of it”. If your body needs to lose weight, it will. Training for fitness will get you where you need to be NOT where pop culture says you should be!

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