GREAT NEWS! Everybody Fitness has acquired Premier Fitness Centers and we have big plans underway! Over the coming months you will see facility renovations, new equipment, new programming options and much more.

Traditional Personal Training using barbells, dumbbells, selectorized machines, etc. 

 Here’s what’s included:

  • An extensive Health & Fitness Evaluation with a Certified Personal Trainer
  • Movement Screen (measures range of motion, flexibility, alignment & balance)*
  • Fitness Screen (measures strength & endurance) *
  • Personalized Program Design
  • 1-2 FREE Personal Training Sessions to get you started (depending on your membership package)
  • Another training session every 4 - 6 weeks, to maintain proper program progression (Included with VIP Membership)

* Please note these screenings are not pass or fail or anything to worry about at all. They just give us a way to evaluate a starting point for your program and make adjustments along the way. It’s also a measureable way to see and track your improvements and successes!

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* DISCLAIMER: Results associated with muscle gain or weight loss or diseases that can be affected by diet and exercise vary from individual to individual. EveryBody Fitness does not guarantee, nor make claims regarding weight loss, muscle gain or the reversal of any disease. Please do your homework, consult with a physician and be healthy.