EBFit Personal Training

We Offer 2 Types of Personal Training.

TRADITIONAL PERSONAL TRAINING: We have traditional style Personal Training using barbells, dumbbells, selectorized machines, etc. 

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FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT TRAINING: The 2nd type of Personal Training we offer is a Functional Training program for optimal results. This program is appropriate for beginners as well as the advanced exerciser. We train exclusively using Functional Fitness training principles because we believe this to be the very best type of training available today for developing lean, strong beautiful bodies! The results with this program are absolutely outstanding for fat loss, endurance, strength, balance, core stability and strength, and flexibility! 

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* DISCLAIMER: Results associated with muscle gain or weight loss or diseases that can be affected by diet and exercise vary from individual to individual. EveryBody Fitness does not guarantee, nor make claims regarding weight loss, muscle gain or the reversal of any disease. Please do your homework, consult with a physician and be healthy.